Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

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Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

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Drink good pure water: Sometimes living in the modern world is like being at sea in a lifeboat. Its that we are surrounded by sea water but we are faced with a plethora of processed drinkable fluids – coffee, tea, carbonated soda drinks, beverages containing alcohol, “fruit” juice drinks and tap water. In moderation perhaps these aren’t so bad but lets think about this for a minute. How much good clean pure water do you drink compared to processed fluids? A normal healthy person needs a couple of liters per day of good clean water!

Just try having a glass of room temperature water every time you boil the kettle, or open the fridge for a drink and see how you feel after a week of doing this. If you cant stand the taste of tap water or are concerned about the additives like chlorine – then consider getting a filter like those available from our friends at http://www.cooeewater.com.au.

Its not changing much just have a water before you drink anything else, its easy. And see how you feel after a week.

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