Tim Young chiro winter 10km swim?

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Tim Young chiro winter 10km swim?

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Screen-shot-2013-06-02-at-7.04.01-AMFor the last two years my wife Sharon and I have participated in the Mudjimba Island Charity Swim from Mudjimba beach around the island to Mooloolaba Beach. Why would we want to swim 10km in the ocean? One reason is to raise funds for the Nambour and Currimundi Special Schools. Here ‘developmentally delayed’ and ‘special’ kids are given a really good chance at being the best they can be in society, rather than institutionalized which was the old way of dealing with kids that are born ‘different’.  




Another reason is to to push ourselves personally by the experience of swimming some distance off shore. Sharon swam the 10 km 3 hour event herself last year. Here she is arriving at Mooloolaba Beach with her paddler Doug. The paddler keeps their swimmer on the correct heading toward the finish. The swimmer keeps their eye on the paddler. Together they get there!



Most swimmers, like me, participate in a team. Our team for 2012 swam various distances from 4 km to 200 meters. So who worked the hardest? The person who did 4km? Or was it the one who swam 200m? They overcame their chokingly tight wet suit, fear of a cold shark infested ocean and jumped in anyway, swimming untilthey turned blue and vomited! Which one got the most out of this event?   The point is this; as we grow and age what are we prepared to do to keep active, mobile and enjoying all the capacity our body has to offer? Best wishes for winter – Tim (The clinic is closed from Friday June 6th until Sat June 17th)          







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