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Yes I’m still around

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Last week someone I hadn’t seen for a year or two contacted me and asked if I was still practicing. It’s true the last time I wrote was 2013. There have been a few ups and downs since then but I do continue to practice Chiropractic, physical therapy and exercise prescription. Give me call.

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Your Health depends on 3 Main Things

1. Thought and Emotion

Thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions. Choose your thoughts wisely.

2. Nutrition

Too much, too little, of good things, or bad, profoundly affect the way our body and mind works.

3. Movement and Training

If you don’t use it you lose it. With patience and the right training it’s never too late to improve.

Call or text me on 0458466849 to make an appointment.


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Category : News

I just wanted to also say a BIG THANK YOU to you all for having used my services in the past!
You probably already know I’m not very good at ‘marketing’ as such and pretty much all of my business comes from word of mouth referral. Thanks so much for that.
I do genuinely like to fix people and give you the skills to become stronger to prevent recurring problems!
Heres a big tip:
Your health is improved and maintained in three main ways:
1. Thoughts/feelings/actions – a positive mental attitude and belief in yourself, your loved ones, humanity, and a nurturing Greater Power
2. Chemical – avoiding poisons, pure water, clean air and feeding yourself a good diet including the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, good fats and vitamins
3. Physical – Exercise including strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Getting rid of pain, discomfort and biomechanics dysfunction really helps achieve this along with burning any of those extra calories that, if your like me, we tend to consume!
All the best and I look forward to seeing you again
Yours in health

3 Kandoo Street Pacific Paradise 4564 QLD Australia