Frequently Asked Questions

How soon till I feel better?

We do all we can to try and take pressure off at each visit and we use testing (like muscle strength or range of motion) to measure changes. There are lots of different techniques we can try to get an immediate positive change. Most patients can feel a change immediatly but many wont know for 24 to 48 hours. Every step of the way we ask you and want you to tell us how your feeling your going.

Will the treatment be the same each time?

Not necessarily – we do more of what is helping the most and less of what isn’t. That is why we have a lot of different techniques to choose from to help take pressure off at each visit.

How do you know what will help?

The literature, clinic experience and what has worked or not on you before help to determine what treatment or therapy may work best. Your history of the complaint, physical examination and knowledge about common problems help to determine what is wrong and how to go about fixing it and preventing recurrences. Your responses to treatment then fine tunes your personal treatment plan. Everyone is an individual so as far as possible we tailor our treatments to suit you.

Do I have to keep on coming back and back?

No. Our goal is to relieve your problem & build your strength so you don’t need to come back and back. Of course it may take some time to get strong and we welcome you back as often as needed to help you get there and with any other problems down the track.

Many people with a proven history of relapse choose to visit regularly. You are welcome to do this however I will continue to encourage you to, where possible, do more self care like working at the right exercise diet and mental attitude.

Are there any set programs of care?

No. We monitor you at each visit and change our recommendation for the next visit based on the results so far.

How long will it take?

This largely depends on what is wrong and on your vitality. Bear in mind that the body takes time to heal. If you cut your skin it takes time to heal doesn’t it? A sprain or strain is much like a cut but inside the body. If the stress of your new shoes gives you a blister, doesn’t it take longer to heal if you keep waring the same shoes? It’s the same thing with other injuries and dysfunction – sometimes we have to change what and how we are doing things. Fortunately, excepting those with some serious illness, we can all build vitality if we are prepared to do the work!

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