Tim’s Treatment, Rehabilitation and Adjustment Options

Tim Young has been evolved in Massage, general physical therapy and Chiropractic since the 1980’s. He is trained in following services which are offered in the clinic as treatment options. Many options allow us to find the most effective treatment for you and your condition.

Non-manipulative Chiropractic
Many people don’t like or are concerned about the safety of being adjusted, manipulated or “cracked” and think that is all Chiropractors can do. This is not the case with Tim who rarely uses manipulation as he finds other techniques are more comfortable and produce superior longer lasting results. For example in Sacro-Occipital Technique procedures blocks may be placed strategically under the body. Gravity, application of pressure by the practitioner, and the patient’s rhythm of breathing then move the spine, joints and muscles to a more physiologically efficient position.

Massage and soft tissue work
Massage encompasses many styles including Swedish, remedial, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, cross fiber, trigger point and sports. The clinic uses a wide range of Massage technique to relieve problems in your muscles, joints, and ligaments to allow the body to heal and overcome your painful condition, optimize your body’s performance and improve your health. For example by finding and massaging the right spot painful trigger points may be quickly relieved.

You can also use the massage only service where you will receive a massage simply to relax and sooth the stress of everyday life.

Body Balancing and Stretching

Specific stretching helps during the treatment and at home balance the body against asymmetries that can cause sprain, strain and recurrence of conditions. Special attention is given to training the client in correct technique for home stretching and therapeutic exercises.

Strapping Tape
Strapping is used to stabilize and retrain structures to allow healing to take place. Strained muscles or ligaments need time to repair just like a cut in the skin. The strap supports the healing tissue, much like a band-aid does for the skin cut. Most importantly tape retrains muscles, joints and ligaments by teaching them to move easier helping the body learns improved movement patterns reducing ongoing dysfunction.

The activator instrument is a hand held mechanical device that produces a gentle short fast thrust that can be applied to joints, muscles, ligaments, acupuncture and trigger points. The speed and direction of the thrust can cause the joints and muscles to relax relieving pain and improving function.

Lasers can be used on joints muscles and ligaments to promote healing and reduce pain

Acupuncture & Dry Needling
Acupuncture is really a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine but has been adapted a taught as a complementary technique for other health professionals in the west.  It is particularly good for reducing pain.  Dry needling refers to the use of needles incerted into painful structures, such as trigger points. Acupuncture as practiced here includes the use of fine needles, laser, heat and pressure applied to special points around the body to relieve pain and improve function.

Mobilization and Manipulation
Spinal manipulation, often called “adjustment” by Chiropractors, usually refers to a single maneuver that produces a characteristic “crack” in the joint. Mobilization on the other hand usually involves repetativly moving the joint or structure. Both these procedures can increase range of motion and reduce pain. Generally in the clinic mobilization procedures are used first and manipulation may be employed if appropriate, requested or the mobilization is in effective. These techniques may also be applied to peripheral joints (such as the shoulder, knee and ankle) and soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments to reduce pain and improve function.

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